Xmas color palette

Christmas Color Scheme

Saturday Dec 15, 2018 - A Christmas color palette with five compatible colors with its RGB color code numbers.
Five typical Xmas colors with three in shades of Green and two in shades of Red that can be mixed with White and shades of Grey colors to make a product color softer if it needed. These colors mostly used in Christmas related publishing like Greeting Cards and Xmas Gift Tags and Wraps, Christmas Gifts, and finally Christmas decorations like Ornaments, Trees, Wreaths and Lights. Link to larger Image

Rain Drops

What does 100mm of rainfall mean?

Wednesday Nov 28, 2018
The meteorological expression of 1mm of rainfall means 1mm of rain in one square meter.
1mm of rain equals to 1 liter of water in one square meter and 100mm of rainfall equals to 100 liter of water in one square meter.
If 100mm or more of rain is forecast for a location in 24 hours time, it considers as severe weather for the area and it is leading to severe flooding of roads and streets.

beige color palette

A Beige Color Scheme

Sunday Oct 21, 2018 - A beige color palette with nine compatible colors with its RGB code numbers.
Beige color is Neutral and conservative, warm and earthy, it is a classic color in clothing that are never out of Fashion. Beige has varieties of color from very light milky and creamy color to reddish brown and sandy beach color in between.
Shade of Brown colors are some of the most used colors for interior design in living room, bedroom, library, and in many home furniture.
Link to larger Image

Food Measurement

Cooking Measurement & Oven Temperature

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 - There are ways to measure food and liquid if measurement spoons are not handy
1 teaspoons(tsp)    =    5 milliliter(ml)
1 tablespoon(tbsp)    =    15 milliliter(ml)
3 teaspoons(tsp)    =    1 tablespoon(tbsp)
1/2 cup    =    125 milliliter(ml)
1 cup    =    250 milliliter(ml)
4 cups    =    1 liter       & few Oven Temperature conversion from Farenheit(F) to Celsius(C)
300° F    =    150° C
350° F    =    180° C
400° F    =    200° C

Quilt Cover Sizes

Pillow & Quilt Cover Sizes

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 - Australian Standard sizes for Quilt cover are
Single -    140cm x 210cm
Double -    180cm x 210cm
Queen -    210cm x 210cm
King -    245cm x 210cm
Super King -    270cm x 240cm

and Australian Pillow Sizes are
Standard -    50cm x 75cm
King -    53cm x 89cm

JRE test

Test JRE in Windows

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 - Many computer software application has been written in Java Programming language and to run it you must have JRE in your system.
You can test your computer by typing " java -version " in windows command prompt in any directory as you see in the image and you must have a line similar to
" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_26-b03) "
obviously in regards to your version of JRE.

8 color scheme

8 Color Scheme

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 - A color scheme with 8 colors and its RGB code numbers or 11 colors by adding black, white and background gray that is RGB (250,250,250). Gray colors are stylish and fashionable. A color scheme with many shades could be used in fashion, decoration, Website design and more.
These colors are compatible and blend together well, all 8 or 11 colors could be used carefully in fashion, decoration, and art and the outcome will give a harmonies good feeling.
It will be safe to use up to any four colors of this palette in an outfit without looking too much.